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What’s in a name?

Why “Roxploration”? Well, I’m Rox and this blog chronicles my adventures – my armchair/bedside/on the train/wherever explorations if you will – in the big wide world of reading. I love adult Literary Fiction but also enjoy the Classics, and dipping my toes into Sci-fi and Fantasy. I will review the occasional work of non-fiction and I have particular passion for tales about polar explorers, both real and invented – check out my Polar Ponderings section for my full list of reviews on this topic.

Who I am I?

I’m a Lit-addict in my 30s from Devon, UK. I’m happily married and childfree although I am a devoted Mummy to a small clan of fancy rats. I can’t resist any rat-related books and record these on my Ratty Ramblings page. I have a PhD in English Literature (so can legitimately use the “trust me, I’m a doctor” line), however I jumped ship out of academia into the Library field where I am much saner. I also love theatre, alternative/rock music, gaming and the West Country countryside.

How is this blog arranged?

I have been keeping a semi-private book journal for many years but this is my first “proper” blog.  I am recording my current reading from January 2013 onwards but will also be gradually populating my archive with reviews from previous years taken from my old journal, so do check my A-Z of reviews by author .


I am always looking to expand my reading horizons and would love to receive comments, suggestions and requests for future reads.

Email: roxploration@gmail.com

Twitter: @Roxploration


7 Responses to About

  1. calrose42 says:

    Thank you for liking my blog, Although I’m simply an amateur blogger, on such a hot/off topic of childfreedom, it feels nice that someone who indulges in so much literature would grace my blog with her eyes. *wink* I hope that I can do you justice and please feel free to comment on your own thoughts about my blog/journal. I’m writing for myself mostly, but it’s nice to have the thoughts out in the open for someone else to discuss with me.

    • roxploration says:

      Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words! I was just drawn to your blog by that image you posted about Creation, it’s so true. ‘Roxploration’ is just for my book reviews and its my only public blog at the moment but childfreedom is a topic close to my heart and it’s always good when people are open about having made, or at least having considered that choice. I’ll never understand why something that should just be a personal choice for an individual or a couple seems to be such a controversial topic, but it certainly seems to be. I’d like to think the more people who talk openly about consciously deciding not to have children then hopefully the more social acceptance that decision will gain, so good for you.

  2. calrose42 says:

    From reading your two reviews of enviromental tags, I do believe you may very well enjoy the splendor of surviving in an alien world, body, emotions and the desert, among enemies. We all know the Twilight series and I have to say I quickly got over that phase, but Stephanie Meyer has something to it with her other book The Host, that truly captivated me. Yes the romance is there, but it was almost a back story the the rest of the action going on within Wanderer’s head…and Melody’s. It’s a battle for survival among alien kind, and within her own mind that Wanderer must come out and find harmony, the very thing her race exists for. There is the elements, a brutal desert that we find ourselves immersed in, which takes space in how I read it. It’s hard to sum up how much stuff and thoughts this book brought to me while reading. You are immersed in duel love stories, battle for survival, the desert, living among aliens, and a new Earth. It made me question our human race, along with a burning urge to learn survival techniques because of the power these character got from knowing how to outwit, outrun and out survive the aliens making Earth their new home. It also brought faith to humanity and its gentleness. A truly great read. Sorry for the rant.

    • roxploration says:

      Oh no, please rant away. It’s always good to hear someone else feeling passionate about a book!

      Twilight isn’t something that’s appealed to me and I guess it’s easy to be put right off Meyer by all the Twilightmania but funnily enough I’ve read a few things about The Host lately (mostly connected to the film they’re working on) and did think that sounded a much more interesting premise, and much more like the kind of thing that might interest me…

      • calrose42 says:

        You could read The Host and without the author on the book, you may mistake the book for someone else’s work. The setting over took me much more than Twilight and made me feel part of the scenery. It is not quite adult fiction in the literary writing sense. But I wouldn’t say the author has a juvenile writing style either in this book.

  3. Hey. I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Award. You deserve it. Here’s the link. You can accept it as you wish. Best wishes.

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